Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Why Don't He Write?


A Clarification and a Special Request 

First and foremost, don't get overly excited about this particular installment because just this once it's not about airplanes, either real or plastic. Instead, it's a philosophical and procedural sort of thing, but I'm guessing it needs to be clarified.

Way back in the way back, a number of years ago in the early days of this project, I mentioned that I didn't encourage or print the normal sorts of comments found on most internet blogs, nor did I offer a forum. There was a simple reason for doing things that way---I'd looked at other sites, read the arguments and flame wars that so often lived on them, and had decided from the very beginning that a comments/forum function wouldn't be a part of Replica in Scale. I switched off that function and went on my merry way, but an hour or so ago, more out of curiosity than anything else, I clicked that button to see if any comments had been sent and they had! There were at least a couple of hundred of them and I've spent the past hour going through them all, which made me understand that I needed to clear up a couple of things.

First and foremost, I value all of my readers and I'd sincerely like to hear from anyone who wants to get in touch with the project regarding American military aviation, plastic model airplanes, or anything else I've previously published but, like I've said several times before (up to and including right now!), I don't do that with the "comments" thing that most folks put in their blogs. There's an address I do audit daily and use to feed this site's Relief Tube section which is:


There's a trick to that address, of course. It's an email address, and it goes to a real live person (me!), but you have to make a tiny leap of faith and insert your own at sign (@) and dot (.) in the appropriate places. I list it like that in an attempt to mislead the spammers and mostly it seems to work so humor me and do it that way, ok? In that same vein I'd also like to ask that any of you who tried to contact me before about things relevant to this blog but who never received a response (which is what happens if you don't use the email I just provided!) give it another shot and try again. I'd really like to hear from you!

And finally---I've gone back through those comments and activated a number of them to appear on the site but most are old and possibly forgotten by their posters by now. Thanks for your patience and hopefully for your realization that I'm most assuredly not a child of the electronic age!

Thanks, ya'll, and as always, be good to your neighbor. We'll meet again soon!


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