Sunday, May 14, 2023


                                             Friddell Collection via Replica in Scale

A Sad Day...

Let's jump straight to it. 

Jim Sullivan, a friend of mine for the past fifty years, passed away yesterday after suffering a massive heart attack a few days ago. Jim was among the very first of the heavy hitters in the aviation photography community to contact Jim Wogstad and myself back in 1973, when we were struggling to birth the original print version of what was to become known as Replica in Scale. Since that time he never failed to assist with photography, information, and insight. He shared his perspective, knowledge, and humor on many things over the years and was among the most unselfish people I've been privileged to know. 

Jim's skill as an author and photographer is well known to anyone who reads these pages. He was a noted authority regarding Chance Vought's immortal F4U Corsair and published a number of books and magazine articles on the type, as well as on other Navy airplanes. He helped a great many other writers with their own projects as well and it's a rare title about American naval aviation that doesn't have a photo or two in it from Jim's collection. 

He was one of those unique individuals who always gave and rarely asked anything for himself. He was a man of honor and integrity. He was generous, and he was kind. He was a gentleman and a devoted family man. He was a member of a rare and special breed, and he will be missed.

Blue skies, Amigo!